Youngsters filmed their pot session and cursed president Duerte And Dares To Legalize Weed

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A group of youngsters appeared in a live video during their pot session. Under the influence of drugs, they cursed president and pressed him legalize the use of illegal drugs.

A video of a group of teenagers busy in having their pot sessions went viral over social media platforms. It catches a lot of attention and people showed concerns over the lack of decency and the way they filmed it and posted it online for others to see.

Despite parents best efforts to teach their kids manners and prevent them heading to a wrong path, the youngsters getting increasingly rebellious and adopt wrong path under peer pressure and society that glorify rebelliousness.

Duterte came under severe criticism for failing to effectively deal with war on drugs. Questions being raised about his entire approach to deal with drug menace.

In a recent spate of glorification of criminals, Sen. Hontiveros and some other Catholic leaders inaugurated the memorial marker for the slain Kian Delos Santos a known drug user and peddler. They glorify the death of youngster and accused government of extra judicial killing.


Many people are arguing that if there is a link between recent glorification of criminals and their brazen behavior as filmed in the video.


Several people expressed their fury and frustration over the action of youngsters. Following are the some of social media reactions people posted on this incident.

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