What Big Pharma Hoped You Would Never Know-Cannabis is in Your DNA

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The nutritional and healing powers of fresh raw Cannabis is one of of the best kept secrets of the last century. Because Cannabis is, essentially, a wonder plant, it was only a matter of time before the anti-cannabis propaganda machine would fall apart. That is what is happening today. This video calls out the “authorities” who do nothing but harm the public for enrichment and corruption of the state.

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to Dr. Rima Laibow for “turning me on” to this important video in a recent Email from her site. The implications of this news is so monumental and far-reaching, I would suggest that it is some of the most important news of the year (at least so far). Once again, lies from some of our largest businesses and organizations, and even our government, are coming to light. Please view this video to understand more and then please take action to spread it virally and begin a discussion in your communities about this important subject matter.

*Originally entitled: “Cannabis is in your DNA”

Video Source: youtube.com

Note Source: consciouslifenews.com

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