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Michael McShane, a Ferndale medical marijuana activist known as Reddog, was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 1986. He was told he only had 6 months to live and that he should get his affairs in order. A few years later, he was diagnosed with skin cancer and had to have a wedge of his lip cut out. Soon after, he noticed a lump in his neck. He underwent radical neck surgery that removed part of his jugular vein and also underwent radiation treatment.

A few years after the cancer in his neck, McShane ended up with colon cancer, which resulted in surgery and chemotherapy. That wasn’t the end, McShane then had a major outbreak of cancer in four areas on his face and had to suffer with nothing but local anesthesia as surgeons performed surgery on his forehead, both lips and cheek. After eight hours of reconstructive surgery, and another six procedures for scar revisions and lip clefts, McShane’s oncology procedure was deemed successful. But, the cancer on his face returned in June 2011, growing back in the same places where it had been surgically removed. It was that time that McShane determined that Western Medicine didn’t work out for him, other than as a stop-gap measure. He decided to give medical marijuana a try after The State of Michigan passed the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act in 2008.

He performed the Rick Simpson oil process by himself  by soaking cannabis in high-proof alcohol, evaporating the liquid using a rice cooker and extracting the hash oil with a heat gun. He grew product & processed the oil. He then started swallowing a dose of hash oil with breakfast, lunch and dinner. It only took 10 treatments for Michael to see the improvement the cancer was starting to look like a big white callous. Then, it started to fragment and break up. After 3 months, his doctor confirmed that the cancer was 60% gone.

After curing his cancer, Michael McShane concentrated on curing his HIV. He stopped taking the medicine that cost him $2000 per month and started working on healing his HIV with an intense 90-day treatment of Simpson oil. Once he started using cannabis, his healthcare costs went down dramatically and always managed to find the money for his cannabis treatments. After the cannabis treatment, McShane’s cancer had never returned. However, he did said the cancer cells have decreased by up to 60 percent and also said the results so far definitely warrant further scientific study for the use of cannabis for treating skin cancer.

Since the mid 70s, medical scientists have been well aware of the beneficial effects of cannabinoid compounds over cancerous cells. But, Big Pharma doesn’t want us to know. Michael McShane tells us that to service healthy patients in the U.S. alone, Big Pharma sells $240 billion worth of pills every year. This compares with his $1000 per month cannabis treatment. Marijuana doesn’t kill anyone, but prescription drugs causes overdoses and deaths all the time.

Other studies have shown that cannabinoids could also inhibit cell growth, induce cell death and inhibit tumor metastasis. The amazing thing is that cannabis does not affect healthy, normal cells. Research has also shown how cannabinoids are effective for pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory, because they bind to special receptors in the brain, similar to commonly prescribed opioid derivatives.

Research also indicates that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound, can relieve convulsions, reduce inflammation, lower anxiety and suppress nausea, as well as inhibit cancer development. If that’s not enough, vast amounts of research, along with the personal experiences of cancer survivors, like Michael McShane, no chemotherapy currently being used medically can match the non-toxic anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumorigenic effects of these natural plant compounds. As a result, CBD is being touted as the medical discovery of the 21st century.

More and more proof keeps piling up, despite law enforcement and big pharma’s efforts to squelch medical marijuana as a viable medical treatment.

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