Study: National Medical Marijuana Could Save Thousands of Lives Annually

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A new study published by the University of Indiana (IU) indicates that medical marijuana, if legalized nationally, could be a true lifesaver.

Per the Indiana study, approximately 47,500 American lives could be saved annually if medical marijuana were legalized nationally.

Authored by Dr. Thomas M. Clark, the IU research scrutinized studies published since 2000 and evaluated the impact of legalized medical marijuana on potentially fatal diseases and American “mortality.”

Research methodology:

“The effects of Cannabis use on mortality from effects on organ systems and disease states considered most likely to be influenced by Cannabis were investigated. These were cancer, appetite and metabolism, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, lung disease, and brain injury. Then, data on changes in mortality rates or harmful behaviors following legalization of medical marijuana were sought and analyzed.”

For the study researchers examined the effects of:

Thought to be responsible for an estimated 6,100 to 9,000 deaths annually, the study concluded prohibition is as deadly to the American public as drunk driving, homicide, or a fatal addiction to opioids. Conversely, the study noted, “cannabis use appears to prevent approximately 17,400 to 38,500 premature deaths annually.”

Cannabis use and substantial reduction in premature deaths in the United States. by Monterey Bud on Scribd

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