How Can Choose Best LED Grow Lights?

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LED technology has many advantages for the indoor plant enthusiast. -With its energy savings,-lower operating costs, small size & weight; LED Grow lights brings a new performance to-plant growing.

Lower Costs-  LED Grow Lights Save Your Money!
Less Energy Use–Cut your electricity use in half than conventional HPS.

Targeted Light Output–Unlike “broad spectrum” plant lighting, which produce a lot of light plants can’t use efficiently.
LED-grow lights deliver the colors of light used by plants for efficient-and healthy growth. By leaving out light plants don’t need, we-provide still more energy savings over the traditional HPS/MH grow light.

Longer LED Source Life–Replacing glass bulbs every year adds a lot to-the expense of a tranditional growing system.
With  growing lights, we adopting original CREE LED source, you won’t be changing expensive this every year.

Less Waste Heat–Conventional grow lights are very hot, running from several hundred degrees to over 1400-degrees Fahrenheit at the bulb’s surface. -This excess radiated heat output adds to the cost to cool your home or-office.
LED grow lights add little heat to the growing environment with unique sunflower heat sink and cooling fan, reducing your cooling costs.

No Reflector–Conventional glass envelope grow lights emit light in all directions. In order to use as much of this-light for plant growth as possible, they are generally fitted with bulky, unattractive reflectors to direct light back-toward the plants.
With  grow lights, the reflectors are built right into the-LED plant light-so no secondary reflector is needed. Almost all of the light generated by the LEDs in the  LED grow light is directed straight at your plants.

Less Watering–Using the  LED grow light, your plants will transpire less, letting you extend the time-between watering cycles.
If you need to leave your plants unattended for a few days; they’ll have a better enviroment-of surviving if their grow lights aren’t drying them out.:31:

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