Connor Eckhardt, 19, lost his life to one hit of synthetic Marijuana

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A hit of synthetic drug called Spice proved lethal for 19 years old Connor from California. On that fateful night, Connor decided to try legal high offered to him by a friend that caused devastation consequences for the boy and his family. With inhaling one hit, just one hit the boy slipped into a coma and never woke up again. Connor who enjoyed surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding like other California teens lived in a low crime city of Roseville. In addition to outdoor activities Connor has a passion for music. He was a young man who looking to his future with hopes and dreams.

How the misery unfolded?

Like many other teens and young adults are inhaling this synthetic drug across nation, Connor decided to give it a try on the suggestion of his peers. But it proved fatal for him, as Connor didn’t feel well and laid down to sleep it off, shortly after taking just one hit of the drug. He was never able to wake up again. The resentful parents of Connor question the legal status of such synthetic highs which made them feel devastated. And they have appealed to everyone to join them to stop that madness before it causes misery to other consumers. ”We must take a stand for Connor and all the others who have died or are institutionalized because of these killer legal highs” Connor’s parents stated on Facebook using a hashtag #doit4connor.


What caused that tragedy?

Synthetic drugs are considered safe and legal. They can be found at smoke shop or other convenience store alongside other daily usage items. These drugs are marketed under the label of “synthetic marijuana,” “fake pot,” or a “legal” substitute. But these synthetic drugs are neither safe nor they offer any sort of alternative to marijuana. As a matter of fact, they are far from safe and deadly with severe side effects.


What are these synthetic drugs?

The first fact about these synthetic drugs is that they are fabricated by underground chemists not in a laboratory. There is no legislation to regulate or inspect the compounds and chemicals of synthetic drugs. It is not uncommon to find this drug varies from packet to packet in strength and composition even within the same brand. One packet can cause severe side-effects , including death, while another packet from the same batch may have milder effects. Since the effects of synthetic drug also depend upon brain chemistry of an individual so the effects of a single packet may vary significantly for one individual to other. There are also questions on the reliability and safety of these brand synthetics and no amount taken can be considered safe.


Legal status of synthetics?

As these drugs are legal, they are readily available from convenience stores, gas stations even one can order them online. The ease with which these drugs can be acquired adds confusion regarding the safety and legality of these products. One of the most significant concern about these drugs is the lack of consistency in the manufacturing process (i.e. dosages and chemicals used are inconsistent). These are non-tested substances which never been approved for human consumption. Moreover, there are no recommendations for safe dosage and none of these synthetic products are approved by Food and Drug Administration.


Deaths from these products

The extent of the epidemic is evident from over 8000 cases reported in the US alone. Tragically these products are taking their toll on our youth under the clout of being legal. Many youths like Connor fell a victim to so-called legal, readily available, inexpensive and safe products.  These drugs are targeted at young kids and teens and come in deceptively attractive packages to build an impression of safety.

Lacking proper information about synthetic drugs Connor had an immediate bad reaction with just one hit of that synthetic drug. He didn’t feel well and laid down thinking he would sleep it off. It was in the next morning he was rushed to hospital when he was found non-responsive. Connor’s medical test failed to detect Spice into his system. As synthetic drugs don’t show up in tests therefore failure of detection tests is fairly common. The ever changing ingredients and components in these drugs make it hard for scientists to develop a standardized way to test and detect them.

In July 2014, Connor Reid Eckhardt passed away. His family decided to dedicate their lives to informing others about the dangers of synthetic drugs. Devin and Veronica Eckhadt hope that the tragic story of their son’s demise will educate parents and young people making them aware of the dangers of the synthetic drugs. Please visit the Connor Reid Eckhardt Facebook page. The “ConnorProject” at Instagram and “@stopsynthetics” on Twitter.

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