Combat Vet Becomes Outlaw to Save Her Life With Cannabis—It WORKED

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If you volunteer your life to the United States government and promise to do whatever they say—up to and including surrender your life—you will still be treated like dirt, kidnapped, caged, and even killed if you come back to this country and try to treat the damage caused by your service…with a plant. Sarah Hollingsworth is one of those veterans.

In 2004 Sarah joined the US Army. On a few months later, Sarah would be in Tahil, Iraq. While she was in Iraq, Sarah was exposed to something that made her gravely ill.

“We are still trying to piece together the exact cause of illness,” Sarah tells the Free Thought Project. “However, my very first incident of illness came via anaphylaxis during my tour where I was nearly medevaced to Germany. And I just continued to get worse from there. It could have been the bombed out buildings we stayed in, the burn pits, the vaccines, we have no idea.”

The symptoms of Sarah’s illness continued to progress and as a result, her health declined. When Sarah got out of the Army, like so many veterans before and after her, she was sick and had no help. Also, like so many veterans before her, Sarah was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD.

“My official diagnoses are PTSD, myoclonic jerks, ulcerative colitis and severe mold allergy,” said Sarah, noting that the VA and the Army have consistently denied any responsibility for her condition.

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