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Health Secretary Who Gave Cialis to Children Says There Is ‘No Such Thing As Medical Marijuana’

The United States Health Secretary was quick to claim that there is “no such thing as medical marijuana,”but he also admitted that the U.S. plans to spend more than $750 million searching for a pharmaceutical alternative for opioids next year—a treatment cannabis provides naturally. U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar made the statement during

Cousin to marijuana helps heal without the high

CBD oil is touted a treatment for a wide range of ailments. While it can be derived from marijuana, the products you buy over the counter are from hemp. Since hemp doesn’t contain much THC, the psychoactive property in marijuana, you don’t get high, just relief from what ails you, say proponents. “It flies off

FDA approves first cannabis-based drug

(CNN)The US Food and Drug Administration approved a cannabis-based drug for the first time, the agency said Monday. Epidiolex was recommended for approval by an advisory committee in April, and the agency had until this week to make a decision. The twice-daily oral solution is approved for use in patients 2 and older to treat two types

Good News: First Licence Granted to Treat Pain with Medicinal Cannabis

A license to treat chronic pain with medicinal cannabis has been granted here for the first time, it has emerged. A 3-month agreement was given the green light by the Department of Health to use Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) people in constant agony. THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. It is currently illegal to use

Medical Cannabis Can Help You Heal From Hepatitis C

Although Hepatitis C can be treated effectively, and may even clear up on its own, there is evidence that cannabis can help heal the liver. But it’s vague. A 2005 review of the medical literature concluded that cannabinoids “appear to be involved in several aspects of acute and chronic liver disease.” Another review from that year was both more upbeat

More Than 100 Peer-Reviewed Studies Conclude: Cannabis Cures Cancer

Cannabis has been making a lot of noise lately. In November 2016, Australia became the first entire continent to legalize cannabis (the first country to fully legalize cannabis is Uruguay). In January 2017, Germany legalized medical cannabis allowing patients with “exceptional cases” to get a cannabis prescription from their doctor as well as a refund