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Study finds no strong evidence that cannabis reduces chronic pain

A four-year study suggests medicinal cannabis is not as effective at relieving chronic non-cancer pain as commonly assumed. Researchers at UNSW Sydney who conducted one of the world’s longest community studies of its type have found no clear role for cannabis in treating chronic non-cancer pain. The study, funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council and

Cannabis oil for chronic fatigue: A teenager says it cured his debilitating illness, has totally regained his quality of life after years of suffering

A British teenager beset by chronic fatigue syndrome has made a remarkable recovery with the help of cannabis oil. Fifteen-year-old Tom Bethell had not been to school in almost eight years due to the illness and the severe depression that it caused. Weak and bed-ridden, the young man stopped growing and his eye muscles didn’t

Medical Cannabis Combined With Opiates Fights Chronic Pain

Bolstering the case for medical marijuana scientists at the University of California have found that combining it with opiate-based painkillers provided greater relief to patients of chronic pain.  The scientists intended to show that the cannabis, rather than relieving pain itself, actually caused the opiate medicine such as morphine or oxycodone to be more effective.

Transdermal Cannabis Patch Treats Chronic Pain: Combats Prescription Painkiller Epidemic

One of the latest products to hit the marijuana market is the transdermal pain relief patch. This method works by placing the adhesive on any veinous part of the body and delivers medicine gradually over the period of several hours. The transdermal patches offered by Mary’s Medicinals won “Most Innovative Product” at the 2015 CannAwards. These forms

Chronic pain sufferers struggle with side effects of B.C. opioid crisis

While overdoses grab the headlines, there are thousands of other unintentional victims of the opioid crisis currently gripping B.C. A growing number of chronic pain sufferers say they’ve been denied opiates following new guidelines introduced by the province’s College of Physicians and Surgeons in June. For a Metro Vancouver woman, whose identity Global News has

8 Types of Chronic Pain Linked Directly to Your Emotional State & How You Can Find Relief

by Earthables If you suffer from chronic pain, you should know that your emotions can dramatically affect it. Dr. Susan Babel, a psychologist that specializes in trauma-induced depression, wrote in Psychology Today: “Studies have shown that chronic pain might not only be caused by physical injury but also by stress and emotional issues…Physical pain functions