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Medical Conditions That Can Be Treated With Cannabis: A – Z

Alcohol and opiate abuse Cannabis can ease both the physical and psychological effects associated with withdrawal from both of these addictive substances. Cannabis-med studies on marijuana treatment for alcohol and drug abuse Marijuana in treating alcohol addiction Medical marijuana as a treatment for alcohol addiction Alzheimer’s disease Research shows that cannabis may prevent the formation of

Medical Cannabis Can Help You Heal From Hepatitis C

Although Hepatitis C can be treated effectively, and may even clear up on its own, there is evidence that cannabis can help heal the liver. But it’s vague. A 2005 review of the medical literature concluded that cannabinoids “appear to be involved in several aspects of acute and chronic liver disease.” Another review from that year was both more upbeat

Meet Paul: proud father, activist, and medicinal cannabis user

Meet Paul: proud father, activist, and medicinal cannabis user from Kara Fox on Vimeo. Paul Lewington is a 29-year-old single father who uses medicinal cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of his neuropathic pain.
Kalel Santiago, a 3-year-old boy from Puerto Rico, was diagnosed with autism after suffering a rare form of cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, surgery and radiation treatments, starting when he was only 10 months old. He had a severe speech delay, meaning that he did not speak at all until age 3. “While he was in the

Calls for use of medicinal cannabis for pain relief amid codeine restrictions

Doctors are concerned access to codeine – which is only available by prescription from today – has been cut off with no viable alternative. Canberra emergency doctor David Caldicott said the use of medicinal marijuana was an obvious solution for pain relief, which he believes is safer and more effective. But the territory’s acting chief

Study Shows Cannabis Significantly Beneficial For Bipolar Disorder

Medical marijuana acts on the endocannabinoid system – a homeostatic regulator that is present in all humans. Interestingly, research suggests that certain cannabinoids found in marijuana (i.e. THC and CBD) may have significant mood-stabilizing properties that could be beneficial for patients with the disorder. Studies have shown that THC, under certain conditions, can have anti-anxiety,

The Effect of Cannabinoid Therapy Use on Body Weight in Bad Health Conditions.

A review, published in Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience July-August 2014, examines the research and information available on the impact of cannabis use on body weight. Their findings are summarized here. Summary One of the most well-known results of cannabis use is appetite stimulation, known commonly as “the munchies”. However, in studies on the effect of