Cannabis cancer BOMBSHELL: Marijuana could help fight deadly disease

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According to a study published in EurekAlert, marijuana compounds could “stop cancer cells dividing and invading normal tissue”.

The review also found weed could be used to “enhance the body’s immune response against the growth and spread of tumours.”

Professor Burkhard Hinz, of Rostock University Medical Center in Germany, has hailed the study’s findings.

He said: “Clinical studies are now urgently needed to investigate the impact of cannabinoids on cancer growth and progression in patients.”

he UK’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs recently recommended cannabis-based medicine be made legal for prescription.

It comes in the wake of the controversial case of Billy Caldwell.

The 12-year-old Brit had his cannabis oil confiscated by border officials, leading to a series of fits and seizures.

Mum Charlotte criticised the “dreadful, horrific, cruel experience” that deeply affected 12-year-old Billy, saying: “His little body has been completely broken and his little mind.”

The child, from Castlederg in Co Tyrone, started the treatment in 2016 in the US, where medical marijuana is legal.

Officials await the decision of Home Secretary Sajid Javid as to the future of medicinal cannabis in the UK.



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