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NY Patients Can Now Register for Medical Marijuana Program, But Good Luck Finding A Recommendation

With only a couple of weeks remaining before New York’s ultra-restrictive medical marijuana program is scheduled to launch, the state felt it was time to finally published a means for potentially hundreds of thousands of sick people to register their intent to purchase cannabis products. Last Wednesday, the state’s Health Department, which has dragged their

How Marijuana Helps Relieve Stress and Anxiety: The Neuroscience

(Photo: Hey Paul Studios/Flickr) Many find marijuana useful for dealing with stress and anxiety, and research points to its effect on the brain as the explanation. Published last month in Trends in Pharmacological Sciences, a team of experts from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), University of Calgary and The Rockefeller University summarized the current

Kidney breakthrough ‘could end the need for donors’

by JAMES CHAPMAN, Daily Mail Scientists have created the world’s first test-tube organs in a breakthrough that could revolutionise transplantmedicine .The American experts are claiming to have used cloning technology to transform cells taken from a cow’s ear into functioning kidneys.The ‘spare-part’ kidneys were genetically identical to the cell donor and so were not rejected