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Terrifying Videos Reveal the Dangers of Synthetic Weed

Synthetic marijuana is turning people into appearing like zombies. On the street, it’s called “Spice,’ or “K2” the drug is so strong that people go into a zonked-out …
What does synthetic marijuana feel like and why is it one of the most dangerous drugs that happens to be one of the legal highs available? Watch this before …
In a historic case of hypocrisy, the DEA has proven that the scheduling of drugs under the Controlled Substances Act is totally arbitrary. It’s long been argued that the classification of substances as conducted by the DEA has been based on a minimal understanding of chemistry or proper facts. Now, the rescheduling of synthetic THC

Scientists unravel how cannabis component may fight psychosis

British scientists have unraveled how a non-intoxicating component of cannabis acts in key brain areas to reduce abnormal activity in patients at risk of psychosis, suggesting the ingredient could become a novel anti-psychotic medicine. While regular use of potent forms of cannabis can increase the chances of developing psychosis, the chemical cannabidiol or CBD appears