How Can Choose Best LED Grow Lights?

LED technology has many advantages for the indoor plant enthusiast. -With its energy savings,-lower operating costs, small size & weight; LED Grow lights brings a new performance to-plant growing. Lower Costs-  LED Grow Lights Save Your Money! Less Energy Use–Cut your electricity use in half than conventional HPS. Targeted Light Output–Unlike “broad spectrum” plant lighting,

What Happened To My Body | 60 Days of CBD Oil

CBD oil is trending all of a sudden! What’s the deal with it? Does it do anything? Is it worth it? What are my thoughts on the Charlotte’s Wed brand? Charlotte’s …
Cannabis, also known as marijuana or weed, is being legalized for medicinal use in a growing number of countries. Perceptions towards cannabis are changing …

CBD Oil and Parkinson’s

Watch CBD oil effect on Parkinson’s. Fellow Parkinson’s patient and CBD oil advocate, Larry tries CBD oil for the first time. With a few drops of cannabis oil under …
People can develop common allergies to prescription medications, food, plants, or trees, but many people never consider an allergy to cannabis. Allergic reactions to cannabis were first reported approximately 40 years ago, but only a few studies have addressed the issue. One study published in 2013 concluded that sensitivity to Cannabis sativa was more prevalent, but the typical symptoms

10 Scary Facts About Synthetic Cannabis

What is synthetic marijuana and why you need to stay away from synthetic weed at all costs. This is scary stuff, so never use this fake, lab mad, chemical leafs.